Strategy: Houses of Prayer Everywhere!

Bottom line: God moves when people pray!

In order to spark a revival of new church growth in our state we want to begin HOPE groups around the state: Houses of Prayer Everywhere.

Here’s the simple but powerful challenge: Identify five pre-Christian families in your community. Gather your family and pray five days a week, for five minutes a day, for five blessings on their home. 

Here is an outline for your prayer time: BLESS

Body – Physical well-being

Labor – Economical well-being

Emotional – Mental well-being

Social – Relational well-being

Spiritual – Soul-centered well being (that they may know Christ)

Pray consistently and expectantly, asking for God to move in their home. It’s time for us to begin a prayer movement in this State asking God to move in our cities and communities. It is our belief that prayer will spark revival leading to new churches. Together we can plant churches to transform the Great Lakes Region for Christ.